We are a small company located in tuscany, Italy. We do not mass-produce our products.
My husband is the photographer and handles marketing, advertising and branding of Clara in Wonderland.
In our company we research cutting edge fabrics, buttons, zippers, accents and symmetry for each and every outfit. Our goal is to make our clients feel special in this imaginary voyage of style.

Just like in Alice, through the looking glass. A book that ispired me to image this is a wonderful world where everything is possible, where our clients can feel satisfied.
In a land where their dreams can come true. We truly hopethat you like our products as much as we do and we are look forward to being part of you story.

About me

I am Clara Longobardo. I am the fashion designer and creative mind behind “Clara in Wonderland”. I studied at Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze (Florence, Italy).

I worked in the theather for many years. I decided to bring to the world of fashion what my journey through the world of theater had gifted me. My intent is to connect these two different universes, the fashion and the theater and construct my own little cosmos.



Each outfit presents a unique style combination between structure and flow, emptiness and abudance, white, black and colors.

Everything is hand made.

We consider all the little variances between each piece a blessing, not a curse. Every difference in each piece is due to the fabric or the shape that gives each outfit a touch of distinction and hand crafted rarity.



All the work that has gone into realizig these garments has been produced 100% in Italy.
This guarantees the highest quality, only obtainable from the most experienced Italians in the field. any shotcoming that may occur in these garments represents the beauty of a hand crafted product made with distinct materials.

A world filled with style, color and amazing shapes. The refindment given by the cohesion of the elements, the balance between emptiness and fullness, light and shadow.

A wonderful trip into the world of Clara In Wonderland